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SODAQ is an Arduino-specialized webshop, which provides solutions through the Grove system. Our brand makes the creation of microcontroller Arduino compatible projects a lot smoother by offering a simple programming environment together with an extensive range of developed sensors and modules. With this simple programming environment, anyone can start creating and designing projects. Soldering is not even required!

We develop our very own SODAQ hardware products that are compatible with many existing modules and systems, allowing for seamless integration. Our boards are so energy efficient, that projects are able to be powered by small lithium batteries and solar panels. This allows you to take your Arduino system from a static power source to locations such as the garden, on the bike, in the air, etc. Whenever you want, wherever you want! These high-quality products are easy to use thanks to the support page on our website that our developers have created for you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning our products.

We are always looking for new ways to create innovative products for our customers, having done so in the past with our successful SODAQ ONE and Autonomo masterpieces. This time, we are excited to feature the SODAQ Orange ExpLoRer. This special Orange ExpLoRer version provides a new, upgraded experience through it’s high-quality Orange network that is able to be utilized through the high-performance chips integrated into the board.

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  • Année de création : 2013
  • Chiffre d'affaires : nc

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  1. SODAQ
  2. Orange LoRa® Explorer kit
    Orange LoRa® Explorer kit
    70,00 €
    (à partir de 58,33 € )
    63,63 € / pièce à partir de 10 unités
    60,87 € / pièce à partir de 25 unités
    58,33 € / pièce à partir de 100 unités

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