NKE S0 Pulse Sensor 50-70-001 EU868

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Fonctionnalités clés :

  • Plastic housing; size 75 x 70 x 21 mm
  • material: LEXAN PC 945
  • Connection to the output of a pulse transmitter for gas or water meter
  • interfaces: 2 buttons (RESET, zero setting)
  • 2 LEDs (configuration and pairing)
  • Installation indoors close to energy meters
  • Software
    • - OS: Contiki
    • - Physical Layer: LORA™-868MHz
    • - MAC Layer: IEEE 802.15.4-2006 (non beacon enabled CSMA/CA)
    • - Network: IPv6 / 6LoWPAN
    • - Routing: Leaf Mode RPL
    • - Transport/presentation: UDP
    • - Application: pseudo ZCL
  • Self-organizing network
  • Voltage/current carrying capacity: 75V / 3.5µA
  • Max. usable frequency of pulse transmitter: 500Hz
  • "Anti-bounce" parameter: from 0 to 1 minute in increments of 125ms
  • Pulse counting on trailing edge (default) or leading edge (configurable).
  • ATEX-certified battery: 1/2AA
  • 3.6V 1.1A/hr
  • Service life dependent on input signal frequency: > 3 years at 1Hz


  • Radio frequency link to the PAN Router: ultra long range radio technology using a specific spread spectrum modulation in the 868 MHz band (up to 4 km in free field

Description :

NKE S0 Pulse Sensor is a LoRaTM sensor designed to be operated with any device that delivers a pulse output for water, gas, electricity or energy meters. It communicates over LoRaTM secured, long range with bidirectional radio network. It includes an integrated antenna. Its Lithium battery 3.6V, 3.6Ah enables 12 years autonomy for one radio transmission per day 3 Pulse Inputs.

Pulse sensors by NKE have three main advantages. First they benefit from a Long Range Radio,Technology LoRaWAN up to 4km in free field. Then, they take advantage of a standardised protocol IPv6 6LoWPAN. Last, they significantly optimize energy consumption for battery-operated sensors, or even energy self-sufficiency for energy harvesting sensors.

The WATTECO series benefits from a know-how in the development of communication systems based on the 6LoWPAN standard, the adaptation of IP layers to constrained networks in buildings where radio bandwidths are limited and where optimising the consumption of equipment is imperative. WATTECO distinguishes its product offering by providing a range of all-IP wireless sensors - based on the 6LoWPAN (IPv6) technology standardised by the IETF - and Box (sensors optionally non battery-operated). The deployment of IP networks for low-power automation applications allows "Internet" uses to be generalised to sensor networks.

IP TECHNOLOGY IP technology is an significant alternative to fieldbuses usually operated in Construction & Energy efficiency sectors. The layer model as per the OSI standard ensures network constraints are isolated from user applications. Operating over IP in sensor networks provides many options in terms of configurations or application functionalities. Thanks to this solution, all the elements that make up the network can communicate natively over IP without the need for specific network software layers.

All NKE sensors implement a powerful ZigBee-like application layer which allows for configurable change of value (CoV) reporting of all attributes, based on value change threshold and minimum and maximum reporting intervals. The binary format of the NKE ZCL-like application layer implements many of the clusters of the ZigBee Cluster Library. In addition all NKE sensors support “batch reporting”: a powerful data-series compression feature in the sensor which decreases the amount of data transferred and related energy consumption by typically over 95%. NKE sensors also implement listen-before-talk feature which is useful when doing dense sensor deployments.

ThingPark Connected devices have been extensively tested through LoRaWAN use cases and application integration to confirm interoperability in networks powered by Actilitys network server and management software. ThingPark has been selected by market leaders such as Orange, Proximus, Swisscom, Cisco, Inmarsat, KPN, and more. Learn more here: https://partners.thingpark.com

Specifications :
Vendeur Actility
Réf. 44-306
Référence fabricant 50-70-001
SKU Vendeur DENKE1103EU - 50-70-001-003
Attributs du produit Comptage
Icone Produit Device
Bande de fréquence EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
Classe LoRa Class A
Verticales représentées Maison, Gestion , Autres
RF émetteur-récepteur SX1272
Interfaces Analog, Numerique
Profondeur (cm) 0.7
Largeur (cm) 0.75
Hauteur (cm) 0.21
Datasheet url (wysiwig preferred)
Certificats CE, LoRa® Alliance, RoHS
Délai de livraison si en rupture de stock (en jours ouvrés) 40
Disponible à la vente Yes
Délai de livraison si stock disponible (en jours ouvrés) 5
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