NEMEUS | SMART IoT Sensor (Arduino Architecture)

Use: multi-function sensor designed for prototyping IoT solutions using various connectivities as part of
a proof of concept: LoRa® WAN™ 1.0.x EU / Bluetooth™ Low Energy / GPS etc.

Customer can develop its own application in the Arduino software development environment.

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Fonctionnalités clés :

  • Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 20mm
  • Integrated antennas for long range ISM, GPS and BLE functions
  • Micro-USB connector for scenarios programming
  • Provided with 3,6V LiPo battery (300mAh), rechargeable with micro-USB connection
  • External functions: push button and programmable RGB led
  • External GPIO available for further used cases
  • Certified LoRaWan 1.0.2 class A & C and SigFox networks

Description :

NEMEUS, as one of the first members of LoRa & trade Alliance, has developed and produced since 2015 an LPWAN module (MM002-LS-EU) that natively supports LoRaWAN™ 1.0.2 Class A & C and other ISM band protocols dedicated to the IOT. 

This MM002 module is now available in a development kit.

The SMART IOT sensor has been developed to help customers to test LoRa™ WAN technology and to validate their Proof Of Concept.

This product integrates most of the sensors used in the IOT solutions: GPS, accelerometer (ADXL-345), temperature/pressure (BMP280), push button and RGB led, all in a very small case.
There are still GPIOs available so you can add your own additional sensors.

This product contains a 360mAh LiPo battery rechargeable by a microUSB connector.

Based on the Atmel ARM Cortex M0+ MCU host and 100% compliant with the Arduino IDE, this solution will help you develop your own application software that combines multiple sensors.

  • 100% Arduino compatible
  • mechanical dimensions 80 * 40 * 20mm
  • high-performance integrated antenna
  • battery powered
  • GPS
  • Accelerometer
  • temperature & pressure
  • push button
  • RGB led
  • Additional free GPIOs

Documentation, examples and resources to use the Smart IOT sensor can be found on NEMEUS Wiki page.

Specifications :
Vendeur NEMEUS
Réf. 316-NEMEUS | SMART IoT Sensor | MS004
Référence fabricant MS004
SKU Vendeur 316-MS004
Attributs du produit Dev kit
Classe LoRa Class A, Class B
Verticales représentées Autres
Spécificités de la batterie (Wh) 300mAh
Puissance RF (dBm) 14
Puissance de signal (mW) 25
Antenne Integrated
RF émetteur-récepteur SX1272
Interfaces I2C, Analog, Numerique
Profondeur (cm) 2
Largeur (cm) 4
Hauteur (cm) 8
Datasheet url (wysiwig preferred)

Wiki page : link

Certificats CE, Orange LoRa®, RoHS
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Disponible à la vente Yes
Délai de livraison si stock disponible (en jours ouvrés) 5
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