IXEL | LoRa® modem | LoRaTIC

The unit connects to the TIC output of the ERDF meter, transfers data to a remote server using LoRa® radio communication technology.
This gateway converts the ERDF meter into an internet-connected object via the LoRaWANTM protocol.

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Fonctionnalités clés :

  • Dimensions: width 72 mm x height 19.2 mm x length 87 mm
  • Weight: 22g
  • IP 2X (sealing not tested)
  • TIC interface: RJ45 connector, compatible with standard and historical TIC, high-impedance input, speed of between 1,200 and 19,600 Bauds
  • Radio interface: LoRa ®, range of up to 15 km, SMA antenna connection, radiated RF power 14dBM
  • Power: 230V Power supply
  • Operating temperature: -25° to +70°C
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
  • Requirements of the directive 89/336/EEC - "Electromagnetic compatibility"
  • Requirements of the harmonised generic or specific standards R&TTE 1999/5/EC - ETS 300-200
  • EN 55022 , EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3,
  • EN 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-11

Description :

LoRaTIC® has a robust AC/DC power supply that is not sensitive to fluctuations and brief outages on the line.

OTTA and ABP configuration.

It is compatible with all electronic sensors fitted with a TIC output : PME-PMI, ICE, SAPHIR, LINKY, CBE.

LoRaTIC acquires in 10-minute increments the main metering data (production/consumption) delivered by the TIC of the electrical sensor and transmits it by radio via the LoRaWAN network to the data server.

LoRaTIC transmits an identical payload regardless of the industrial meter.

A web portal of energy services for viewing, analysing and exporting the data.

Specifications :
Vendeur DataPrint
Référence fabricant NU LoRaTIC
Band LoRaWAN MHZ EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
LoRa Class Class A
Verticaux représentés (will not show)
Spécificités de la batterie (Wh) 230V Power supply
Puissance RF (dBm) 140
Type de batterie Alkaline AA
Puissance de signal (mW) 25
Antenne External on connector
RF émetteur-récepteur SX1272
Interfaces Ethernet
Autres interfaces TIC
Profondeur (cm) 8.7
Largeur (cm) 7.2
Hauteur (cm) 1.92
Certificats CE, RoHS, Orange LoRa®
Délai de livraison si en rupture de stock (en jours ouvrés) 15
Disponible à la vente Yes
Délai de livraison si stock disponible (en jours ouvrés) 3
Documentation technique Datasheet LoRaTic.pdf
Manual LoRaTic
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