NKE Harvesting Sensor with Temperature Humidity Lux 50-70-007 EU868

To measure temperature, light and relative surrounding humidity, and assess the measurement of light. Suitable for various fields of application, such as Smart Buildings, monitoring the cold chain, logistics, server rooms, heating / ventilation / air conditioning systems.

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LoRa Connectivity

Fonctionnalités clés :

  • Harvesting: power supply through generation of energy accumulated by solar cells,
  • Temperatur, humidity and luminosity sensor,
  • Autonomous from a daily average of 200 lux,
  • Advance software capability IEEE 802.15.4-2006, pseudo ZCL, 6lowPAN network,
  • Speudo ZCL with configurable change of value of threshold and minimum and maximum reporting intervals
  • Power: Self-powered via solar cell harvesting energy. In the absence of light, 3.6 V/10 mAh lithium battery with 3-month Lifespan for 24 measurements and 1 transmission per day
  • 1 LED
  • 1 reset and on/off switch
  • Operating temperature: -20° to +50°C

Description :

All NKE sensors implement a powerful ZigBee-like application layer which allows for configurable change of value (CoV) reporting of all attributes, based on value change threshold and minimum and maximum reporting intervals. The binary format of the NKE ZCL-like application layer implements many of the clusters of the ZigBee Cluster Library. In addition all NKE sensors support “batch reporting”: a powerful data-series compression feature in the sensor which decreases the amount of data transferred and related energy consumption by typically over 95%. NKE sensors also implement listen-before-talk feature which is useful when doing dense sensor deployments.

Plastic housing; size 81 x 73 x 20 mm; material:PC UL94 V0;

Interfaces: 2 buttons (RESET, zero setting), 2 LEDs (configuration and pairing)

Mounted on wall support or angle support

2 solar cells

Measurement of temperature and ambient relative humidity

Ambient luminosity indicator

  • Software 
    • OS: Contiki 
    • Physical Layer: LORA™-868MHz 
    • MAC Layer: IEEE 802.15.4-2006 (non beacon enabled CSMA/CA) 
    • Network: IPv6 / 6LoWPAN 
    • Routing: Leaf Mode RPL 
    • Transport/presentation: UDP 
    • Application: pseudo ZCL
  • Self-organizing network 
  • Temperature/humidity sensor Sensirion SHT21. 
  • Accuracy for temperature: 
    • < +/-0.5°C from 0° to +65°C 
    • < +/-1°C from -30°C to 0°C and from +65°C to +90°C 
    • < +/-2°C below -30°C and above +90°C 
  • Accuracy for relative humidity: 
    • < +/- 3% from 20% to 80% 
    • < +/- 5% below 20% and above 80% 
  • Measurement range: 40 to 120°C and 0 to 100% for relative humidity 
  • Resolutions: 1/100°C for temperature and 4/100% for relative humidity. 
  • Luminosity indicator: in % of the luminosity level
  • Compatible with ThingPark Wireless network

To download the data-sheet : LoRaWAN – Temp-Humidity-Lux- Data Sheet -v2.0

Specifications :
Vendeur Actility
EAN 50 70 007
SKU Vendeur DENKE1306EU - 50-70-007-006
Attributs du produit Temperature
Band LoRaWAN MHZ EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
LoRa Class Class A
Verticaux représentés Maison, Gestion , Autres
Antenne Integrated
RF émetteur-récepteur SX1272
Profondeur (cm) 7.7
Largeur (cm) 7.2
Hauteur (cm) 2
Datasheet url (wysiwig preferred)
Certificats LoRa® Alliance, CE, RoHS, Orange LoRa®
Délai de livraison si en rupture de stock (en jours ouvrés) 40
Disponible à la vente Yes
Délai de livraison si stock disponible (en jours ouvrés) 5
Conditions commerciales du vendeur
  • In stock : leadtime is 5 working days
  • Out of stock : please send your inquiry to get a precise delivery date
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