Sensing Labs Senlab Passage Reporting Sensor - PIR-LAB-41NS EU868

Use: communicating radio sensor featuring an infrared sensor for detecting human bodies. It can be used to detect a risk of intrusion in a room, to check the occupation of a room or to monitor an activity.

This device is designed for indoor use.

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Fonctionnalités clés :

  • LoRa Alliance Certified
  • Up to 20 years of battery life
  • Up to 15km of range
  • Datalogging (24 points / radio transmissions)
  • Battery level feedback on each data communications
  • intrusion/trespassing alarm
  • Easy to install (magnet activation, LED feedback)
  • Cloud codecs enabled
  • Application reconfiguration Over The Air (measurement frequency, alarm thresholds,...)
  • Network interface: LoRa®
  • Class A: bidirectional communication
  • Operating temperature: 0° to +55°C
  • Fastening: plastic or polyamide screw, double-sided adhesive tape
  • IP 30 (fully protected against dust, not protected against water intrusion)
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

Description :

This Senlab is a smart LoRaWAN™ communicating device with a passive infrared sensor capable of detecting human bodies. You can either use it to detect human intrusion in a room, or to monitor activity (in a room) and footfall (when placed on top of a door frame for example). The small form factor and discreet aesthetics of the Senlab T indoor version makes it well suited for an office or accommodation fitting. Sensing Labs devices are engineered with a very particular attention to the custom antenna design, bringing best of class performances to Senlab devices, both on the range and battery life. Battery is replaceable. Ready to be used on an LPWA Actility Network. For all private or other public network, you need to buy a configuration pack. Part Number: CON-LAB-PACK To download the datasheet of this product, click here.

EMC Compliance

  1. EN 301 489- 3, EN 61000- 6 - 2
  2. Radio Compliance EN 300 220- 1
  3. V 2 . 4 . 1 (2012-05), EN 300 220-
  4. 2 V 2 . 4 . 1 (2012-05)
  5. Magnetic field exposure EN 62479
  6. Safety IEC 60950- 1
  7. ETSI EN 301 489- 1, ETSI

ThingPark Connected devices have been extensively tested through LoRaWAN use cases and application integration to confirm interoperability in networks powered by Actilitys network server and management software. ThingPark has been selected by market leaders such as Orange, Proximus, Swisscom, Cisco, Inmarsat, KPN, and more. Learn more here:

Specifications :
SKU Vendeur PIR-LAB-41NS
Attributs du produit Bridges
Band LoRaWAN MHZ EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
Autre protocole LoRaWAN
Verticaux représentés Maison, Gestion , Autres
Puissance RF (dBm) 25mW
Puissance de signal (mW) +14dB
Antenne Integrated
RF émetteur-récepteur SX1272
Profondeur (cm) 2.5
Largeur (cm) 5.3
Hauteur (cm) 8.5
Datasheet url (wysiwig preferred)

Certificats LoRa® Alliance, CE, RoHS, Other, Orange LoRa®
Délai de livraison si en rupture de stock (en jours ouvrés) 21
Disponible à la vente Yes
Délai de livraison si stock disponible (en jours ouvrés) 14
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Products will not be returned or exchanged. Warranty : 1 year after purchase.

Documentation technique SL-PIR-LAB-41NS.pdf
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