Return and refund conditions


Once You have placed an order for a product in the Marketplace, Seller will be handling all aspects of the order process. ThingPark will not change or cancel any order made by you, including any change to shipping or billing information. You will need to contact the Seller for any changes or cancellations that you wish to make to your order. The seller’s contact information can be found in your order detail located in your “My Account” or in the email we sent to you confirming your order.



You may not make any returns to ThingPark of products You purchase in the Marketplace. You must contact the Seller for any product returns that you wish to make.



Thingpark is not the seller/merchant of any of the goods or services on the marketplace.thingpark has instituted a claim process to assist you with claims that you may have with the seller.

At any time, the Buyer has the option to contact the Seller and address all requests or claims with regard to Products ordered provided by the Service, including claims to any valid warranties.

A trigger shall be provided for the Buyer to indicate in Your account - within 14 days from the date he is notified for the Shipping - any complaint concerning Products, (e.g. product not received, etc.).

In case of You place a complaint regarding a product, including where the Seller is informed of the complaint through the tools made available ThingPark Market’s Service and/or by an email from ThingPark Market, the Seller shall be personally responsible for the resolution of the dispute.

Beyond these deadlines, the Buyer retains the right to contact the Seller to make any claim for Products ordered.

Disputes shall be settled directly between You and the Seller where necessary.

Buyers will be removed from the ThingPark Market Place if there is a complaint rate of over 5% comprising of at least 5 sales orders since account creation.