• What are the steps to create a new buyer account?

    Setting up an account is really easy and only takes a few minutes. You'll need to give us your company name and address details and then create a password, which you can use to ...
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  • How can I reset my password if I forgot it?

    To reset your password please access 'My Account' page by clicking the related icon in the top page, then simply click on 'Forgot your password?' link and we'll send you an emai...
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  • Can I create many accounts for the same company?

    No, unfortunately you can only create a single account per company. Our system automatically rejects duplicated Company names or e-mails.

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  • How can I download my App Keys?

    App Keys are uploaded by sellers directly in our platform when your package is shipped. Once uploaded you will receive an e-mail notification to inform you that you can download them from your customer account. To do so, please follow the steps below:<...
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  • How can I download my invoices?

    Invoices are uploaded by sellers directly in our platform.To access your invoices, please follow the steps below:

    1. login to your account
    2. Scroll down to you dashboard page to access to "Recent orders" list
    3. Click on the right ...
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  • How can I delete/resign my account?

    To delete your account please send us an e-mail at orange-customer@thingpark.com

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  • Why should I create a new account?

    Creating a new buyer account not only allows you to place an order and follow its processing in real time, but also you will be allowed to directly contact the sellers and download technical documentations.

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  • How can I modify my personal information?

    To modify your personal information please log into your customer account And, click on the tab "Account information". You can also change or add new ...
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  • What are the shipping destinations?

    Our maketplace is open worldwide. Nevertheless, as the shipping fees are directly added by our sellers it can happen that they have not been defined for a specific destination <...
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  • How can I get more information about my product?

    If you think the product information is not complete enough or if you have any questions about a specific feature of a product please contact the seller. To do so, you only need...
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  • How can I place a new order?

    To place an order you will need to follow this steps:
    1. Create a customer account Read more

  • Can I add new products to an existing order?

    No, unfortunately once an order is sent to the seller you won't be able to add extra articles to your ongoing order. If you need to modify your order, please submit a new one. Read more

  • Can I request a special quotation for high quantities?

    Yes, but the final pricing will be decided by the seller. So, if you are planning to buy a high volume of devices, please contact the seller directly by login into your customer account and clicking on the button "contact the seller" in the product pag...
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  • Which frequency band should I select?

    Before purchasing an item please make sure that it is compatible with your local frequency band. You can refer to the table below:

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  • What is the backorder functionality?

    Orange allows you to place an order if the quantities you request are above the available # of units the seller set up as a stock. Upon receiving your funds, Orange will request the seller to confirm if he is able to deliver the quantities you requeste...
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  • What can I do if the item I want to order is "out of stock"?

    You can place a backorder when product is "out of stock". Please refer to "What is the backorder functionality?" for more inf...
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  • Can I split my order across multiple delivery addresses?

    Unfortunately, we're not  yet able to split an order into multiple shipping destinations. If this is your case, we recommend you to place multiple orders for each address.

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  • Does the device include connectivity?

    No, our devices are compliant to the LoRaWAN protocol, however they do not include connectivity.

    Nevertheless, you can subscribe to one of our connectivity plans Read more

  • What if I have chosen a wrong frequency band?

    If you have purchased a wrong frequency band for your device please contact the seller as soon as possible. Depending on the status of your order, the seller can decide whether to change the device before shipping it, or suggest a return. If the order ...
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  • Why some devices does not include batteries?

    As the regulation for transporting, lithium batteries have been enforced some of our sellers (specially from Asia) not to include batteries in their devices. If you have any doubts or questions, please don't hesitate to confirm with the seller if your ...
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  • How does Datavenue Market recruit new sellers?

    Orange Markets comply with anti-money laundering European and Worldwide policies. Orange Markets runs careful scrutiny upon seller registration to make sure that we propose our buyers trusted third party sellers. Therefore, we may refuse seller candida...
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  • When will my package be delivered?

    Delivery times depend on several aspects:

    • Availability of the product when order...
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  • Why the seller is not replying to my messages?

    Every seller is responsible for handling customer communications and to provide responses within the best time to our customers. Nevertheless, it can occur that sometimes seller...
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  • Can I modify my information in an ongoing order?

    Unfortunately, you won't be able to manually change an ongoing order.

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  • Can I cancel my order online?

    Unfortunately our website doesn't currently allow you to change or cancel an order yourself – please contact our Customer Care team at orange-customer@thingpark.com and we'll do our best to help you.

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  • How can I contact the seller?

    There are 2 ways to get in touch with our sellers:

    • From the product page:

    Click on the right side button "Contact the seller" and login to send your message. OR

    • From your customer account:

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  • How can I track my order?

    As soon as your payement is collected the seller will be notified that a new order has been created and he will start preparing your package for shipment.
    Once the parcel is ready to be shipped the seller will add a tracking number that you will ...
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  • What does the order statuses mean?

    When you place your order, it will enter through the processing steps during fulfillment:

    -Pending This means we've received your order, but we are still waiting for the payment to be collected

    -Ready to be ship...
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  • Do my payment include import taxes?

    No, import taxes are never included in the transaction price as they depend on the customs clearance. It implies you will need to make a secondary payment to pay the Import taxe...
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  • What are the payment methods supported by the marketplace?

    Our marketplace supports Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard). We also accept other specific local bank and SEPA transfers 

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  • How long will take my SEPA payment to be processed?

    When you place an order using SEPA Direct debit, you will be requested at the checkout step to accept the mandate to collect the funds from your account. A debit authorization is sent to your bank.

    Your order will then be processed as soon as t...
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  • How is my taxes calculated?

    Taxes are calculated depending on where the seller is located, the shiping destination and whether you have a VAT registration number or not. For example, if you are placing an order inside the EU to an European seller your order will not include taxes...
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  • How Orange protects my payment?

    Orange neither directly process your credit card details/bank account data nor store any cash in its books. Alternately, we resort to Payment Gateway Providers that are granted a Payment Institution licence by European Financial Regulation authorities ...
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  • What does the pricing include?

    The transaction price includes merchandise price excluding VAT + shipping to final destination, as a minimum. Depending on where the seller is located and whether you have a VAT registration number or not, the transaction will include VAT amounts.

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  • What does the pricing not include?

    Transaction price does not include the following fees:

    * In most cases, VAT & Import Tax will be left at buyer’s expense at a later stage, usually when transportation carrier is delivering goods at your place for international cross-bo...
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  • How does the payment workflow work in Orange marketplaces?

    When you make a payment on Orange marketplaces, you pay this amount to sellers, who are responsible for sale-related aspects. Orange only helps to interface buyers with sellers and process the financial flow.

    Payment transaction is followi...
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  • Why my payment was declined?

    A payment can be declined for many reasons:

    * Your bank information is incorrect or invalid
    * Your bank rejected the payment

    If you have confirmed the validity of your bank information please contact your bank to better understand...
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  • Can I select a different address for shipment and billing?

    Yes, in your customer account you will be able to set/modify your shipping and billing addresses. To do so:

    1. Log into your customer account ...
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  • How can I submit a claim?

    First of all, we are very sorry if you faced any inconvenience with our services. To submit your claim, please send an e-mail to our Customer Care Service at: Read more

  • What is the return policy?

    Return policy is at seller's discretion: detailed conditions for returns are usually available for consultation in detail within the agreement you sign at moment of your check o...
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  • When will I be refunded?

    As soon as your refund request is confirmed by our Customer Care service, you will receive your money back whithin 3-5 business days depending on your location and the method of...
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  • How can I contact your Customer Care service?

    To contact our Customer Care team please send us an e-mail to orange-customer@thingpark.com or fill the following form

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